Security Doors and Windows

Security Doors Sydney

Stop them getting in.

Security Doors and windows form your first line of defense against intrusion, whilst still providing good ventilation. Steel is the traditional material used for security doors and window grilles, to obtain a high strength result, but there are alternatives that may suit your particular situation - we have the full range!

Our security doors and windows are custom made to suit your premises. We provide a complete measure, build and installation service. Our doors are manufactured in Sydney to meet our high quality standards.

Lower quality components can be easily overcome by those determined to enter your property. Poor quality installations can also result in a false sense of security. We only use quality materials installed by professional installers so that your property is protected.

Steel Doors

  • A range of standard steel security door designs are available
  • Special designs for security doors can be accommodated to suit individual requirements
  • A comprehensive range of DULUX powder coat colours is available
  • High strength and durability steel construction
  • Hot dipped galvanised & powder coated for long life & easy maintenance
  • Special high tensile security fixings are used
  • Heavy duty locks complete the security door package
  • Insect screens can be fitted to the security doors and window grills

Security Screens Sydney

Flexigrille and Window Grills
  • There are several style and strength options available for security screens
  • Security Screens are ideal for door openings
  • Very strong and suitable for retail and commercial locations, where high security is needed
  • Great for areas where you have no space to swing a hinged door.
  • Very visible and a great deterrent.
  • A range of standard colours is available. Special colours can be accommodated.



Window Grills:


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