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Security cameras can dramatically improve the security of your property and assets. CCTVs provide an effective deterent and digital recordings can deliver essential evidence of a security event or insurance claim.

It is important to use the right cameras for each location as light levels and conditions vary. We have the expetise to ensure effective coverage and will design the system to suit your needs.

KSS offers a wide range of state of the art digital surveillance & recording systems, incorporating a wide range of security cameras and advanced image capture and management software.

Security Cameras - CCTV

There are a number of camera options - dome security cameras, full bodied cameras, pin hole cameras, indoor & outdoor CCTV models, ip cameras and wireless cameras. Security Cameras can be linked together by switchers, multiplexers, ip networks or computers.

Security Cameras - ip cameras

Using ip cameras images can be transmitted using existing wiring and networked computers, potentially reducing cost and simpifying installation.

Video Capture and Play Back

Our systems capture high quality video images that can be easily sorted, archived and browsed via a personal computer.

Simple Packages make it Easy

We can supply, install, service, monitor and maintain your CCTV security system for one, low monthly cost. Rental packages can include full monitoring, service & maintenance, software upgrades and remote programming.

KSS Security Offers

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