Intercom Systems Sydney

Intercom systems can form a valuable part of a security package for your home or office. A Video Intercom allows you to check the identity of your visitor before they gain access to your property.

" Be sure your visitor is a friend with an intercom system"

  • We use the World leading brands of Intercom systems - selected to suit your needs.
  • In important security areas - intercoms are ideal for the office, factory or retail.
  • Both Video Intercoms and audio Intercoms are available
  • You can monitor one or many door intercoms from one or many hand sets or video monitors.
  • Your intercom hand set can open the front door, gate or garage rollerdoor
  • The cameras have infra red illuminators, allowing them to see well in low light conditions.
  • Our range includes systems for homes, apartments and offices.
  • Telephone intercom systems are available for large apartment buildings where cabling is not possible.
  • We cater for both residential and Commercial intercom systems.

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KSS Security - intercom camera

KSS Security - intercom with camera